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to one of the largest galleries in India dedicated to clay artwork! Where you can choose from over a thousand artifacts on display or place orders for custom-made artwork styled to your taste.

At FloArt, our work ranges from sculptures, murals and pots to table-bases, corporate gifts and wedding favors all for use in homes, offices, gardens, commercial spaces and civic areas. From 3” to over 30’, our products come in an exhaustive mélange of styles, colors, textures and shapes ranging from religious idols and traditional Indian forms to the wild tribes of Africa, pharaohs of ancient Egypt and Aztecs of Latin America & modern art, contemporary art. We really do bring the world to you the way you want & customise it for you!

Our work has won us the appreciation of clients such as Reliance, Birla and Reserve Bank of India and media such as Doordarshan, Times of India, Indian Express, Midday, Gujarat Samachar, The Hindu, News-India Times (USA), India-Post (USA), UK, Gujarat Times and many more.

In addition to clay, we also work with fiber, wood, metal, and cement for our commercial and civic projects. For our custom orders, only sky is the limit. If you can imagine it, FloArt can create it! So relax, sit back, and enjoy our jewels.

Kalpana Amin






We have produced over a 1000 different varieties of wedding/party favors, Diwali/corporate gifts and home-wares, each catered to our client's unique need. Created on the potter's wheel or individually molded by hand, our pieces come in an exhaustive combination of delightful shapes, sizes and colors.

We add a distinctly personal touch to your event or special occasion with a limitless range of celebratory products - hand-painted gift trays, center-pieces for tables, ready-to-use rangolis, festive decorations, return gifts for all functions such as mehendi and sangeet, and pooja items (diyas, pooja thalis, varadh pots, graha-shanti gujerda, lagan-padas and more). Our Diwali gifts consist of sweets in keepsake containers , such as bowls, baskets and small urns, pooja thalis, 2-3"

OUTDOOR and Garden Decoration

Our weather resistant statues are ideal for patios and gardens. We tailor the size and theme to your specific tastes - whether contemporary, traditional, or flora and fauna. We also create murals for outdoor walls. Our most popular themes for gardens are, but not limited to: Animals such as dolphins, tortoise, ducks, rabbits, elephants, deer, horses, and cats; Miniature villages complete with rural/tribal folk in action poses, thatched huts, domestic animals and utensils; and finally pots and tulsi kyaras.


Our range of pots is exhaustive - they come in all themes, forms, colors, shapes, sizes and textures. They are suitable for homes, offices, and gardens. Sizes range from 1'-6' in height. Though they are all made of sturdy clay, they can be made to resemble brass, silver, copper, rosewood, teakwood, antique wood, leather and much more.

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